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Honda Extended Car Warranty

A factory guarantee that covers expensive repairs is included with every new Honda, but what happens when that warranty expires? If you choose wisely, a Honda extended warranty can keep your car secure for the long term.

Note the protection that comes with new vehicles before we examine the Honda extended warranty. Two categories of coverage are often included in Honda factory warranties:

  • The majority of your car’s repairs are covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, also known as the Honda bumper-to-bumper warranty, for three years or 36,000 miles.
  • The engine and transmission of your automobile are covered by the powertrain limited warranty for 5 years or 60,000 miles.

What a Honda Factory Warranty Doesn’t Cover

Although the Honda factory guarantee may appear comprehensive to you, keep in mind that no warranty will cover every part of the car. What Honda owners are not eligible for warranty coverage for includes the following:

  • Normal degradation or wear of any component
  • Polishing and cleaning
  • Including any liquids
  • Window glass that is cracked, chipped or scratched
  • Graphical flaws
  • Tires
  • Damage brought on by abuse, a natural disaster, or the installation of equipment that Honda has not approved

Whether to get a Honda Car Extended Warranty Coverage or Not?

You might be tempted to forego getting a Honda extended warranty for your pre-owned or brand-new vehicle. After all, the Honda Accord, Civic, Odyssey, and CR-V are renowned for having a 300,000-mile mileage range. Despite receiving high reviews for their vehicles’ dependability, Honda occasionally experiences technical issues that necessitate costly repairs.

Hondas have several serious problems, including:

  • A lot of oil usage
  • Issues with vibration
  • Accelerated tire wear
  • Accelerated brake wear
  • Air bag problems
  • Paint and clear coat flaking
  • Transmission jerks
  • Autobraking is activated as a result of a sensor issue.

The expense of auto repairs might mount over time and begin to try your patience. Unless you purchase a Honda extended warranty, you will be responsible for paying for repairs once your car is no longer covered by Honda’s limited manufacturing warranty.

Importance of Honda Extended Warranty Cover

After the manufacturer’s warranty on your new car expires, the Honda Care factory extended warranty can last up to 8 years or 120,000 miles. Despite how amazing this may sound, plans from third-party warranty providers like the American Dream Auto Protect give up to 10 years of coverage at a significantly lower average cost.

The extended auto warranty offered by Honda dealers is called Honda Care. Plans cover new cars, used cars, certified pre-owned (CPO) cars, and powertrain coverage for up to 8 years or 120,000 miles of coverage.

The price of your Honda extended auto warranty depends on your vehicle’s type, condition, and plan deductible. In contrast to American Dream Auto Protect Vehicle Protection Plans, which are normally far more economical, Honda dealership warranties typically cost between $1,000 and $1,500.

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Do you currently own a Honda?

If you currently own, lease or finance a Honda you can take advantage of  American Dream Auto Protect Warranty.
Some of the Benefits include:

Looking to purchase a Honda?

Are you looking to purchase or have recently purchased a Honda? Take advantage of  American Dream Auto Protect Warranty.
Some of the Benefits include:

Benefits of an Extended Vehicle Protection Plan with American Dream Auto Protect

The American Dream Auto Protect vehicle protection plans differ from car’s Extended Service Contracts in the following ways:

We provide top-notch service and aid drivers like you in preventing costly unexpected auto repairs.

Because we provide the most thorough auto insurance plans in the business, drivers trust American Dream Auto-Protect There are no hassles or delays; simply individualized protection to guarantee you obtain the coverage your car needs.

By reducing the hefty costs associated with unforeseen repairs, American Dream Auto Protect gives you true piece of mind. Unlike other providers, we have a stress-free claims process, so you can get authorized in as short as 48 hours.

Auto Warranty Coverage Is Available On The Following Acura Models:

Honda Accord
Honda Accord 2.0T Sport/Touring
Honda Accord Hybrid
Honda Civic 2Dr
Honda Civic 4Dr
Honda Civic 5Dr
Honda Civic 5Dr – Type R
Honda Civic 5Dr Sport
Honda Civic Si 2Dr
Honda Civic Si 4Dr
Honda Clarity EV
Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid
Honda CR-V 2WD
Honda CR-V 4WD
Honda CR-V AWD
Honda CR-V FWD
Honda CR-Z
Honda Fit
Honda HR-V 2WD
Honda HR-V 4WD
Honda HR-V AWD
Honda HR-V FWD
Honda Odyssey
Honda Pilot 2WD
Honda Pilot 4WD
Honda Pilot AWD
Honda Pilot FWD
Honda Ridgeline AWD
Honda Ridgeline FWD
Honda Accord Coupe
Honda Accord Crosstour 2WD
Honda Accord Crosstour 4WD
Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid
Honda Accord Wagon
Honda Civic
Honda Civic CNG
Honda Civic CRX
Honda Civic CRX HF
Honda Civic Del Sol
Honda Civic HB VX
Honda Civic HF
Honda Civic HX
Honda Civic Hybrid
Honda Civic Natural Gas
Honda Civic Wagon
Honda Civic Wagon 4WD
Honda Crosstour 2WD
Honda Crosstour 4WD
Honda Del Sol
Honda Element 2WD
Honda Element 4WD
Honda EV Plus
Honda Fit EV
Honda Insight
Honda Passport 2WD
Honda Passport 4WD
Honda Prelude
Honda Ridgeline Truck 4WD
Honda S2000

Vehicles up to 146k miles are eligible for our Car Warranty Plans.


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