Best and cheap ways to lower a car

lower your car

Lowering your car might add some style and performance, but it’s a big job to do it. It seems easy, but its process is actually too complex. There are various reasons that people want to lower their cars. Some people do it to add a look to their vehicles, while others do it because they […]

How Can You Operate Windshield Wipers

How Can You Operate Windshield Wipers

If you just started driving a car and are learning the basics, we are sure you want to get to the bottom of every detail. In this article, we will brief you on how to operate your vehicle’s windshield wipers. Even though every vehicle comes with its own touch of specifications, the basics of all […]

Why it is Dangerous to Pump Gas while the Car is Running?

Why it is Dangerous to Pump Gas while the Car is Running

Should you leave your car on while pumping gas? Surely, you’ve heard people have doubtful answers to this question. Gas pump stations have warning signs indicating drivers to make sure that their vehicles are turned off before they progress with pumping gas. Some people are often tempted to claim the warning as a myth and […]

How often Should you Get a Tune Up on Your Vehicle?

How often Should you Get a Tune Up on Your Vehicle

A vehicle tune-up is a thorough check-up done by your mechanic. The mechanic will inspect all the components of your vehicle thoroughly and diagnose and treat any issues he might find. A vehicle tune-up usually includes checking air filters, wires, cooling system, engine performance, spark plugs, and fuel filters. At the core, a tune-up is […]

What can cause overheating of Vehicle?

What can cause overheating of Vehicle

Vehicle overheating is something that all car owners have come to experience at one point. Even though engines in today’s vehicles are designed to be durable, when under certain conditions, the engine can get overheated, resulting in underperformance of the cooling system. Understanding the reasons behind your vehicle overheating as well as how you can […]

Do Cars have Trackers for Repo?

Do Cars have Trackers for Repo

To help you understand what exactly is auto reposition, we will start this article with a small briefing. Automobile repositioning is when a lender reclaims a vehicle after a period of time, in case of non-payment from a debtor. To help you understand let’s say you take a car on a 3 years installment plan. […]

Why is Engine Oil Change Important?

Why is Engine Oil Change Important

It is recommended that most cars get an oil change after 3500 to 5000 miles, depending on the car model. Car owners need to understand the importance of oil change maintenance. Keeping the oil at its capacity and changing it regularly all play an important role in keeping your car maintenance high and increasing your […]

Repairing Hail Damage

Repairing Hail Damage

Certain parts of the world experience more intense hail than others. If you live in one of these parts, you are sure to know that there’s less you can do to prevent the damages it can cause to your homes as well as your cars. We all treasure our cars and keeping these assets in […]

How Long Can My Car Repair Take?

How Long Can My Car Repair Take

If you have ever gotten yourself into a collision, you are sure to have experienced the anxiety that comes with having to leave your car at the workshop. One of the first questions owners tend to ask after being detailed about the repair process is, “How long will the repairment take?”. Sadly, there is no […]

Which water is Best for Coolant? Tap, Distilled, or Deionized Water?

Which water is Best for Coolant

If you’re someone that likes to take good care of your vehicle by yourself, you’re sure to come across the need to keep the cooling system of your car in a top-notch performance state. That is where you’re sure to be hit with a lot of confusion and even more misleading answers to them. It […]