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Rightfully named “The natural State”, Arkansas is home to both Ozark and Ouachita Mountain Ranges, with its breathtakingly spectacular sceneries, the state does not let its residents and tourists stay indoors. With its hiking trails, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, cavern exploring, the state will have you at feet at all times. Because of the high gas prices, electrical vehicles registered in Arkansas have increased by 43% over the first five months of 2022, as compared to 2021. Because of this high purchase rate, hybrid and electrical cars are not easily accessible. Having your gas operated vehicles keep up their maintenance or the pricy electric and hybrid cars stay in good shape for a long time, we bring our services to every city in Arkansas. We want you to visit and enjoy this state to the fullest, without facing any setbacks. We are here to bring you with the utmost services for your automobiles, making all your travels hassle free. It is essential that your vehicles are in the perfect state and run smoothly on roads. For this reason, our extended auto warranty is here to split up on your repair costs and keep your vehicle in top notch conditions.
Opt for our plans today and stay stress free all year long. With our trained and reliable employees, that are available 24/7 for your assistance, we will have your vehicle performing steadily for a long run of time. In case of on road breakdowns, our road side assistance will be right there to tow your vehicle to the nearest repair facility. Take a look at our plans and services and choose what suits your budget and vehicle the best!

Our Services at American Dream

Having an on-hands service for your vehicle that can tackle your issues and help you understand your concerns properly, can bring about your peace of mind. You can never predict when your vehicle can tear down, knowing you have an all-time backup throughout the year with our extended warranty will leave you at ease. Our experts are well trained to assist you through these inconveniences and will have your vehicle keep up its steady performance though cooling system, rim and tire protection, air conditions and heating systems maintenance and much more!

We provide you with 3 plans:

  1. Silver plan: Provides all essential coverage for your vehicle.
  2. Gold plan: Provides comprehensive coverage for major powertrain systems of your vehicle
  3. Platinum plan: Covers all major powertrain systems and all of your electrical systems.

If you want a plan that suits your budget and has specific services for your vehicle, we provide you with the option to have your own custom plan which best fit your preferences.

Another service that is bound to bring your piece of mind for all vehicle owners in Arkansas is our road side assistance. Having vehicle trouble while being stuck on busy roads? Don’t know where and how to have your vehicle transported to the nearest facility? Don’t worry! Our road side assistance with reliable competent employees is there to help you out. Offering towing services, we will have your vehicle towed to the nearest repair facility.

To give a little insight on what we cover, here are some of our services: maintenance for Engine, Brake System, Cooling System, Rim & Tire Protection, 24/7 Roadside Assistance, 4X4, AWD, Transmission, Fuel System, Seals & Gaskets and much more.

Having a reliable service that’s only a call away in Arkansas is a win for all car owners.

Why should you buy your extended warranty from American Dream?

We, at American dream, offer the best customer services with our highly trained staff that will be at your service 24/7. Your vehicles, being a great source of convenience, also comes with a lot of unreliabilities, not every person can be equipped with the knowledge to tackle these uncertainties. That is why, we provide you with a wide range of effective and reliable services through our well-trained employees that will be equipped to tackle your issues with precision and efficiency and keep your vehicle in a good-as-new state. With an extended auto warranty, you’ll be covered if your mechanical parts stop running or your electrical components fail, saving you money and time.

We are available, just a call away, to assist you 24/7, whether it be for guidance, maintenance, or roadside assistance. Once you register your plan for extended warranty with us, we assure you, your vehicle is in reliable hands. If an item needs to be recovered, your plan will cover it. You can rest assured all year long about steep repairment prices and out of hands inconveniences. Unlike other providers, our stress-free claims process means you get approved in as little as 48 hours.

Look through our plans and find the best fit for your vehicle.

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