How Much does it Cost to Deep Clean your Car

In today’s busy era, cars have become the most used and simple mode of transportation. Considering our busyness and traveling amount, we spend a huge fraction of time in our vehicles. This leads to eating, sleeping, spillage, and dust exposure to the car, making it look cluttered and rusty. While we give our homes a deep clean every week or two, the same should be applied to vehicles.

Deep cleaning your vehicle is a crucial step to keep your automobile protected and in a good-as-new state. A deep clean will leave your vehicle in a new-like condition. Professional cleaners will improve the appearance of your vehicle’s interior as well as exterior through intensive wash, detailed vacuuming, waxing, and applying protectants.

To get yourself prepared to have your vehicle deep cleaned, you will need to understand the importance of deep cleaning, what it consists of, and the costs that go into it.

What You Get Out of Deep Cleaning

The thorough deep clean is done by using cleaning products that are approved for vehicle use, specific to the surface and material they are targeting. Exterior and interior detailing from a car detailing service can also be referred to as “deep cleaning”. A Deep clean will give you:

  • Cleaning vehicles exterior thoroughly
  • Using protectants and waxing the exterior, protecting from harsh weather
  • Degreasing and thoroughly cleaning all jabs and hinges
  • Interior vacuuming
  • Washing floor mats
  • Cleaning ceiling, steering wheel, dashboard, and windows
  • Degreasing and drying the interior

Keep in mind those are just the bigger areas being pointed, a deep clean will get into every nook and cranny of your vehicle.

Importance of Deep Cleaning

While for some getting a deep clean is to just give the vehicle a good-as-new look, getting a deep clean is far more important than just that.

Keeping your vehicle in a thoroughly clean state with protectants applied to it on a scheduled basis will help to protect vehicle finishes from fading away. Thorough cleaning will prevent debris and dust to stay in places where they can potentially damage the finishes. Damaged surfaces can bring down the vehicle’s market value. Some of this debris if left unattended can even lead to rusting of components, which can damage the vehicle over time, costing you tons for repairs and replacements.

Not washing enough, can lead to:

  • UV damage in extreme heats
  • Car paint fading
  • Molding
  • Damage to exterior trim
  • Accumulation of debris is risky components
  • Damaging of components over time

However, washing too much is not the answer either. It can lead to:

  • Stripping of protectants
  • Marks on paint
  • Scratching of paint
  • Damage to vinyl interiors
  • Damage to plastic and exterior trim

How Much Does a Deep Clean Cost?

Getting a deep clean for your vehicle can depend on some factors, however, it will cost between $98 – $300, depending on the services you request, the amount of work done, the size of your vehicle, and the service place you go to.

Listed below are the estimated deep clean averages for different size vehicles:

Average Sized Vehicles: Can cost around $50 to $125

SUVs: Can cost around $75 to $100

Vans: Can cost around $100 to $135

These prices are not set and can vary from vehicle to vehicle and the service you choose.

The cost of deep cleaning is affected by a number of factors. Some of these factors are:

Vehicle Condition:

The older or less maintained the vehicle is, the more will deep cleaning it will require. If your vehicle is in a bad maintenance condition and has not been deep cleaned for a long run of time, you can expect a hefty bill.

Size of the vehicle:

Smaller, average-sized vehicles will cost you less for deep cleaning as their surface area is smaller and less time goes into cleaning them. While larger vehicles will be more costly to be deep cleaned.

Time Spent on Deep clean:

Depending on the size and the vehicle conditions, each vehicle will have a different amount of time spent on deep cleaning it. This will accordingly affect the cost

Expertise level:

The more professional the cleaning service is, the more the charges will be. With their expertise, they will be bringing you quality results.


Deep cleaning your vehicle might sound like something you take a pass from but it is very important. It allows your vehicle to maintain its market value and prevents it from excessive wear and tear. Along with keeping your car clean, it gives you a safer, cleaner, and hygienic environment to breathe in.

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