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How Much Will My Windshield Replacement Cost

How Much Will My Windshield Replacement Cost

Windshield damage is any chip, crack, or breakage in the front window of your vehicle. Due to the fact they are the most exposed component of our vehicle, windshield damage happens at an alarming rate around us. If you have a damaged windshield, it could be causing you hindrance in your daily driving. They can easily block your view when driving and can put you in potential danger. So, if your windshield is damaged weather by a bit of debris on the roads on a brick smashing it, it is certainly going to impact your driving quality.

In this over-expensive era, the first thought that will come rushing to your mind is, “How much does it Cost to replace my car windshield?”.

In this article, we will walk you thoroughly through the types of damages your windshield can be exploited, and the expected coverage costs in 2023.

Windshield Damages – Caused By

Surprisingly, the tough glass can be chipped by small debris on roads. If you’re on a rocky road, chances are that flying debris on the road or from another car might chip the windshield or it could get more damaged from some accident. Technicians categorize different windshield damages as follows:

Impact Damage

Impact damage is often small and is easily fixed with quick windshield repair. These damages are caused by objects like debris, gravel, and rocks that come in contact with the glass. These strikes can be identified by looking for an impact point or the cracks that extend from the hitting spot.

Star Break

These damages have a deep center point as indicated by their name, with breakage extending from it in all directions. If not taken care of in time, these damages can expand to the extending breakages and weaken your windshield and leading to serious damages.

Bulls Eye

A bull’s eye is just like impact damage but runs deeper into the glass. Circular in shape, hence named “bulls-eye”, these are common cracks and can also lead to serious damage if not taken care of in time.

Long Cracks

Long cracks are harder to repair than compared impact cracks. Long cracks are difficult They can spread over 15cm and are linear. They often need full replacement of the windshield as the surface area they cover is comparatively large. These are commonly caused by extreme temperature changes.

Edge Cracks

These cracks are experienced if the windshields were not installed properly. Caused by excessive pressure on the edges, these cracks extend from the edge towards other areas. Like long cracks, these are also not easily fixable and the windshield will need to be replaced.

Stress Cracks

In old cars, years of usage puts stress on the glass, weakening it over time. The best solution for stress cracks is a windshield replacement.

Combination Breaks

If more than one of the above cracks occurs at the same time, that is referred to as a combination break. The most suggested solution for these cracks is a windshield replacement.

When Should You Replace Your Windshield?

We suggest you get your windshield replaced professionally if the crack is coming in your line of vision, putting you in potential danger. However, if it is away from your vision and is not the type of crack that could extend damage over time, we suggest you ignore it. The location, size, and type of crack can determine whether you should get your windshield replaced. You might want to get windshield replacement if:

  • You have a combination breakage
  • A crack coming in your line of vision
  • The crack starts from the edge and extends over to the mid of the glass
  • A star crack, which extends in many directions and can expand over time
  • A deep crack

If the size of the damage is smaller than a thumb, it can probably be replaced. Otherwise, you’re looking at a replacement case.

What Affects the Cost of Windshield Replacement?

Your vehicle model, manufacturer, and providers will collectively determine the cost of windshield replacement. If you have a brand-new luxury vehicle, with advanced gadgets like rain sensors, etc. you should keep in mind that a windshield replacement for you will be almost double if not more, as compared to economic cars, that have run their time.

If you want to keep your vehicle in a ready-for-market state, you might want to install a windshield from the manufacturer of your car, the original equipment manufacturer, this will, of course, be more costly than having a replacement from another manufacturer. Of course, the specifications will remain the same, the only difference will be in the originality of the manufacturer and perfectly fitted specifications according to your vehicle.

How much Could a Windshield Replacement Cost You in 2023?

Now you’ve probably got a grasp of the fact that determining an exact value for windshield replacement can’t be specified. Whether you own a mid-range vehicle, luxury, or a supercar, you should expect to pay above 1000 dollars for windshield replacement in 2023.

  • For mid-average vehicles, like Toyota Camry, Toyota Carolla, Honda Civic, and Nissan Sentra you should be expecting around $900 – $1400 charges.
  • For luxury cars like Tesla, BMV X5, Audi A8, and Porsche 911, you can expect the replacement costs to lie in the $1000 – $2000 range.
  • As for supercars like Ferrari FF, Rolls Royce Cullinan, and McLaren 570S, you can expect around $2500 – $7000 replacement costs.

These are of course only estimates, the costs will vary with the manufacturer and the type of replacement you choose to opt for.

How to Protect Your Windshield?

Even though your car’s windshield is designed to be durable as its main purpose is to protect the passengers, that does not mean that it isn’t destructible. Keeping your windshield in check can save you from a lot of trouble. We suggest you to our guidelines to keep your windshield protected.

Cautious Driving

Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicles around you. If your neighboring vehicles cause debris or rock to fly in your vehicle direction, a safe distance will give you some solid reaction time to get out of the way.

Temperature Check

Extreme weather can cause your windshields to be exposed to pressure and stress, resulting in unpredicted cracks that can happen overnight. The best practice is to keep your vehicle in the shade, or parked in a garage, protected from the harsh colds or intense heat.


The cost to replace your windshield can range from vehicle to vehicle. The bottom line is that most owners do not realize that repairs and replacements can often be costly, especially for expensive supercars. The best way to save yourself from all the trouble is to understand the type of cracks your windshield could be exposed to, how to avoid them and keep your vehicle windshield protected.

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