Extended Auto Warrant for Second hand Vehicles – Worth it?

One of the many thoughts lingering through your mind after going through a pre-owned car purchase is durability. Are there any underlying faults? How long before a breakdown comes to the surface? Should you take precautionary measures? Should you get a second-hand car warranty?

What will the warranty plan cover for you? To put all your confusion to ease, this article will gradually walk you through the risks of owning a second-hand car without a warranty, whether you need a warranty plan for your vehicle, what an extended auto warranty will offer you what are some of the best-extended auto warranty providers at present time.

Just like when you purchase a new appliance, a warranty comes with it, which gives you the surety for both quality and reliability, similarly, when you purchase a brand-new vehicle, the manufacturer’s warranty is given that ensures the reliability and cost coverage of the vehicle in case of any breakdowns.

For many, the preference for purchasing a new car instead of a used car is in its reliability. Knowing the vehicle is brand new with a manufactures warranty can seem like a promising deal. While that is great, once your vehicle runs the course of its manufacturer’s warranty, it will be labeled as a “used car”, making it less reliable and unprotected.

Once your manufacturer’s warranty is overdue, is it worth driving in a vehicle with no protection? The answer is a very easy no. All machines go through some extent of wear and tear during their lifetime, the more in-use the machinery is, the more are the chances of its breakdowns, similarly, the older the machinery is, the more breakdowns are anticipated by owners. Vehicles are just the same, the more in use they are, the more breakdowns can be anticipated and high maintenance is required to keep them performing steadily.

Extended Auto Warranty for Second Hand Car- Offers:

Unexpected Costly Repairs Coverage: 

It’s no surprise that used vehicles are more likely to undergo unexpected breakdowns, which might require you to pay heavy repairment bills out of pocket on spot. If you’re unable to pay this bill, your extended auto warranty will step in and have you covered, only excluding a small deductible from you. If the breakdown occurs while you’re traveling, the agency, using their roadside assistance will also tow your vehicle to the nearest possible repair facility.

Road Side Assistance:

Most extended auto warranty agencies provide roadside assistance. The service is available 24/7 and is only a call away if your vehicle breakdowns unexpectedly. The service not only includes on-spot jump-starts, tire exchange, and other services but also includes towing the vehicle to the nearest possible repair facility under care.

Peace of Mind:

Knowing your vehicle is protected by an agency can bring peace of mind to the owner. An unprotected used vehicle will have you at the edge all year long about maintenance, unexpected breakdowns, and steep repair prices. Under the protection, you’re aware that apart from warranty costs and small deductibles, you’ll be covered, keeping you at ease for the course of time.

Extended Auto Warranty for Second Hand Car- Does Not Offer:

While extended auto warranties cover the heavy aspects of maintenance, there are certain things that are excluded from their plans. Firstly, the warranty makes no such promises to cover and pay for all your vehicle breakdowns, they only step in when the repair price exceeds a limit. Regular maintenance, like tire exchanges, oil exchanges, brake pads, and other wear and tear that can be the owner’s negligence, are not covered under the warranty plans.

Factors to Consider:

To end up with a plan that covers all your coverage needs suits your vehicle, and does not drain your budget unnecessarily, spending a good chunk of time in researching what will be the best plan for you is encouraged. A few factors you should consider include:

Type of your vehicle:

A basic plan will be sufficient for a vehicle that is reliable considering the chances of breakdowns will be significantly low, as compared to a less reliable (long run or pre-owned) vehicle. Choosing a high coverage plan for a vehicle that might never end up in need of it, can be a waste of your money, while choosing a plan with less coverage for a vehicle that will need the service often, can end up with money spent out of your pocket.

Coverage offered:

Make sure to look at all the details of the plan you choose. Different plans come under different levels of coverage with the prices varying accordingly. For an unreliable, long-run, or pre-owned luxury vehicle, the chances of breakdowns will be high, needing a plan that will be able to cover hefty repairments, a full coverage plan is the best option. On the other hand, for a vehicle that is new, reliable and you have the surety of being able to cover most of its coverage needs, opting for a basic warranty plan will be your best call.

Money back guarantee:

If it’s your first time subscribing to a company for an extended auto warranty, there’s always the doubt about whether the plan will prove to be beneficial for you or not. All established agencies offer a money-back guarantee within a specified time, this allows you to save a lot of your money if the plan is not suiting your expectancies.

Worth it?

While the extended auto warranty does not cover regular maintenance and can be pricey for some, it should be noted that for used cars, the chances of undergoing breakdowns, repairments, and component replacements is something that is unpredictable and unavoidable. Knowing your vehicle is protected by one of the best second-hand car warranty providers, and you won’t have to deal with steep repairment costs in case of breakdowns, can be the peace of mind and most often prove to be worth the price.

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