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Mitsubishi Manufacturer Warranty

New Mitsubishi cars come with a factory warranty. The basic warranty for the majority of models is valid on the day you buy the car for five years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first.

For models from 2018 through 2020, the following items are covered by the Mitsubishi warranty:

  • 5-year/60,000-mile Limited Warranty for New Vehicles. Basic coverage for items furnished by Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) that are made with subpar materials or workmanship is given by this bumper-to-bumper warranty. With a few notable exceptions, it covers the majority of your car’s systems and components.
  • Powertrain parts and related components, such as the engine, transaxle/transmission, and transfer case, as well as the axle housing, gaskets, and seals, are covered by this warranty’s 10- year, 100,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty. Only a portion of the Mitsubishi powertrain warranty (5 years/60,000 miles) is transferable to new owners.
  • Roadside Assistance for 5 years and unlimited miles
  • This 24/7 roadside help plan includes services such as jump starts, flat tyre repairs, gas delivery, lockout assistance, and towing.
  • 5-year/60,000-mile Restraint System Guarantee – This warranty covers seat belts and associated parts. If you reside in Kansas, your mileage is uncapped.
  • Anti-Corrosion/Perforation Warranty: 7 years/100,000 miles. If rust or another type of perforation results in corrosion during routine use, the Mitsubishi dealership will repair or replace the body sheet metal at no cost.
  • Adjustments required because of manufacturing flaws are covered for the first year of ownership during the 1-year/12,000-mile adjustment period.

Additional Factory Warranty Coverage

There are a few things that new Mitsubishi car buyers should be aware of in addition to the essential components of the warranties outlined above:

  • Depending on the component and your state, the Emission Control System Warranty runs from 2 years/24,000 miles to 8 years/80,000 miles.
  • The initial 24 months of the battery’s life are likewise safeguarded. In the third year of ownership, if the battery fails, Mitsubishi will replace it for half price. 100% of labor is covered.
  • Refrigerant for air conditioners is guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. After then, it’s only included if it’s a component of a repair that is covered.
  • For three years or 36,000 miles, all filament lights, audio units, navigation systems, CD changers, and DVD players are covered. This guarantee does not cover tyres. The makers of tyres instead offer their guarantees.

What’s Not Covered by the Mitsubishi Factory Warranty?

Although the list of things that the Mitsubishi warranty covers might appear extensive, some circumstances don’t qualify or can nullify your guarantee.

For instance, the dealership may assert that the car was improperly maintained or misused if you don’t adhere to the maintenance schedule provided in your owner’s manual. Because of this, it’s a good idea to preserve receipts and records of any service, repair, or other task performed on your vehicle.

When your factory warranty ends, if not earlier, likely, the Mitsubishi dealership will likely have a car service contract. However, it is not your only or even best alternative.

Third-party warranties given by companies other than the dealership, like those from American Dream Auto Protect, can be more adaptable and reasonably priced.

Furthermore, the price of your Mitsubishi extended warranty might be financed as part of the overall cost of your car. That implies that you are financing an extended warranty, which is not the most affordable choice.

The good news is that you have a choice of the warranty provider. Read on to learn why American Dream Auto Protect triumphs after comparing these brands.



Do you currently own a Mitsubishi?

If you currently own, lease or finance a Mitsubishi you can take advantage of  American Dream Auto Protect Warranty.
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Looking to purchase a Mitsubishi?

Are you looking to purchase or have recently purchased a Mitsubishi? Take advantage of  American Dream Auto Protect Warranty.
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Benefits of an Extended Vehicle Protection Plan with American Dream Auto Protect

The American Dream Auto Protect vehicle protection plans differ from car’s Extended Service Contracts in the following ways:

We provide top-notch service and aid drivers like you in preventing costly unexpected auto repairs.

Because we provide the most thorough auto insurance plans in the business, drivers trust American Dream Auto-Protect There are no hassles or delays; simply individualized protection to guarantee you obtain the coverage your car needs.

By reducing the hefty costs associated with unforeseen repairs, American Dream Auto Protect gives you true piece of mind. Unlike other providers, we have a stress-free claims process, so you can get authorized in as short as 48 hours.

Auto Warranty Coverage Is Available On The Following Mitsubishi Models:

Mitsubishi i-MiEV
Mitsubishi Lancer
Mitsubishi Lancer 4WD
Mitsubishi Mirage
Mitsubishi Mirage G4
Mitsubishi Outlander 2WD
Mitsubishi Outlander 4WD
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2WD
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 4WD
Mitsubishi 3000 GT
Mitsubishi 3000 GT Spyder
Mitsubishi Cordia
Mitsubishi Diamante
Mitsubishi Diamante Sedan
Mitsubishi Diamante Wagon
Mitsubishi Eclipse
Mitsubishi Eclipse Convertible
Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder
Mitsubishi Endeavor
Mitsubishi Endeavor 2WD
Mitsubishi Endeavor 4WD
Mitsubishi Endeavor AWD
Mitsubishi Expo
Mitsubishi Expo.LRV
Mitsubishi Galant
Mitsubishi Galant Sigma
Mitsubishi Lancer AWD
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback
Mitsubishi Mirage Wagon
Mitsubishi Montero
Mitsubishi Montero 4WD
Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2WD
Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4WD
Mitsubishi Nativa 2WD
Mitsubishi Nativa 2WD (Puerto Rico Only)
Mitsubishi Nativa 2WD(Puerto Rico Only)
Mitsubishi Nativa 4WD
Mitsubishi Nativa 4WD (Puerto Rico Only)
Mitsubishi Precis
Mitsubishi Raider Pickup 2WD
Mitsubishi Raider Pickup 4WD
Mitsubishi Sigma
Mitsubishi Space Wagon
Mitsubishi Space Wagon 4WD
Mitsubishi Starion
Mitsubishi Tredia
Mitsubishi Truck 2WD
Mitsubishi Truck 4WD
Mitsubishi Van
Mitsubishi Wagon

Vehicles up to 146k miles are eligible for our Car Warranty Plans.


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