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How Can You Operate Windshield Wipers

How Can You Operate Windshield Wipers

If you just started driving a car and are learning the basics, we are sure you want to get to the bottom of every detail. In this article, we will brief you on how to operate your vehicle’s windshield wipers. Even though every vehicle comes with its own touch of specifications, the basics of all such functionalities come in line. This guide will make sure that you are capable of operating your vehicle’s windshield in case you get hit by rain in the middle of the road.

Let’s get started.

Step 1- Locate Windshield wiper control

The first step you need to do is identify the windshield wiper. In most vehicles, it is located on the right side of the steering wheel, while for some it might be on the left side of the wheel.

Step 2Stalk up and down

Most cars come with a mist mode that allows the windshield to swipe 2 times. In case your windshield gets a little misty, you can push the stalk up and down to activate mist mode.

For some cars, the specifications are such that holding the stalk up manually, can keep the wipers running continually for as long as it is being held. While for other cars, the stalk can be pushed up and kept there, for as long as it is in the state, the wiper will run every few seconds.

Continuous wiper swiping:  If you are facing constant rain and would like your wipers to swipe continuously, pushing the stalk down will turn on intermittent wipers. The wipers will now swipe the windshield every few seconds. Pushing the stalk down once more will cause it to be in slow mode while pushing it down twice will turn on fast swipe mode.

Changing wiper Speed: In case you want to adjust the wiper speed yourself, you can look for the dial on the end of the stalk. The dial will have a number of digits on it. Each digit will identify an increase in speed. Dialing toward you will increase the wiper speed while dialing away from you will decrease it.

Step 3- Turn Windshield Wiper Off

Move the lever back to its original position to turn off the windshield wiper. If your vehicle comes with the dial, dialing back to the original position will turn the wiper off.

Refilling Windshield Fluid

In case of dust or debris sticking to the windshield, washer fluid plays a convenient role in allowing drivers to clear the debris away by accessing the windshield wiper and the fluid from within the car. With a simple lever press, the fluid will be sprayed on your windshield, and through wipers, you can clear the dirt/dust away.

In order to have constant access to this washer fluid, you have to make sure that it is always filled and available for on-road needs.

Steps to Refill Windshield Fluid:

  • Purchase Windshield Wiper Fluid: From your local auto parts store, purchase windshield wiper fluid. The fluid can also be found at gas stations and convenience stores
  • Check the Manufacturers Guide: Once you have purchased the fluid, do not go about filling the fluid container directly. It is better to understand the filling instructions that are specific to the vehicle model. The manual will also contain information about the location of the wiper fluid container.
  • Locate Windshield Wiper Fluid Container: Open the hood of your vehicle and following the instructions as stated by your vehicle’s manual, locate the windshield wiper fluid container. The container usually has a bright-colored cap with an image of a windshield on it.
  • Fill the Fluid in: Open the fluid container. Take a funnel and place it carefully on top of the container. Now, slowly pour the fluid in until it reaches a fine line. Be sure to overfill and cause the fluid to overflow.
  • Secure the Cap Back Safely: Once the fluid is filled safely, carefully take the funnel away. Secure the container cap back on safely and cautiously.

Filling Windshield Washer Fluid for Tesla 3

The process is not much different than conventional cars and once you go through the manual you will get a hang of how to do this without needing guidance. Follow the following steps:

Step 1- Purchase Windshield Wiper Fluid

Step 2- Open Tesla Hood

Step 3- To avoid dust and debris from entering, clean the surrounding hood area

Step 4- Locate the filler cap and open it

Step 5- Using a funnel, fill in the fluid.

Step 6- Stop filling when the fluid level is visible below the filler neck

Step 7- Wipe off any overflows or spills

Step 8- Secure back the cap

Step 9- Close the hood.

How To Turn on Windshield Wipers for Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y can detect if it raining. If rain is detected, the wiper will wipe at auto settings, and in case of no rain detection, the wipers will not wipe. Here is a quick guide on how to operate the windshield wipers for Tesla Model Y:

  • Locate the stalk.
  • Identify the buttons at the end of the stalk, press partially for a single swipe without washer fluid, and press fully for a swipe as well as washer fluid.
  • Control the wiper speed from the control screen. You will have the following options:
  • Option 1– Intermittent, slow
  • Option 2- Intermittent, fast
  • Option 3- Continuous, slow
  • Option 4- Continuous, fast
  • The buttons at the end of the stalk can be used to spray washer fluid onto the windshield.


Almost all cars have the same windshield operating method. Keeping your vehicle’s windshield fluid filled at all times is a necessity and so is learning how to refill the fluid container. New and modern vehicles like Tesla have come up with new technologies for windshields, that can detect rain and auto start the windshield wiper functionality. You can control the speed and frequency of these advanced wipers as you require.

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