Top 10 Most Famous Celebrity Car Collection

Celebrities are known for their lavish lifestyles. With their extravagant lives and luxurious homes, they continue to keep the public in a jaw-dropping state. Whether it is to put the I-have-made-it statement out for the public or whether it is out of genuine obsession over cars, some celebrities have turned their garages into quite t hot topic.

Bill Plant Driving School has come up with the conclusion in a new study that celebrities own the largest luxurious car collections. Certain celebrities have come to be well known just because of their extravagant garages.

Each celebrity collection encompasses their taste, and persona, putting out a form of art for all car lovers to swoon over. From Lady Gaga to Gorden Ramsey, we have put together the top 10 celebrity car collections that will leave you dazzled.

Lady Gagas Collection

Raised in New York, Stephanie Germanotta, known by her stage Lady Gaga, came to the spotlight with the release of her album “The Fame” in 2008. Ever since then, the superstar gained millions of fans fawning over her flamboyant costumes, unique lyrics, strong vocals, and extraordinary visuality in her music videos.  Along the way, as she gained more success, her lifestyle brought her new hobbies to explore and interests to invest in.

Now, almost all well-known celebrities have their car collections, but this one stood out to us the most as we can quite clearly see how Gaga has a good eye for both vintage cars and new ones, with no set theme.

Before even getting her driving license, she brought the 1990 Corniche III, having a chauffeur drive her around. Her most iconic ride is the classic Lincoln Continental. Coming in an off-white exterior and red leather interior, with its slick long profile and rear-hinged doors, the convertible caught the attention of paparazzi cameras pretty soon. Gaga owns two Rolls-Royce Phantoms and has been seen driving them herself. Her collection also includes a 2017 Lamborghini Huracan, Chevrolet Camino, 1967 Ford Mustang, 2012 Porsche Boxster, 1983 Mercedes Benz, and of course, we can’t leave out her favorite blue resto-mod 1967 Ford Bronco.

David Beckhams Collection

After retirement from football, David Beckham started several businesses. With unlimited finances coming from all these investments, Beckham came to be known among car lovers for his multi-million car collection and has even invested in the car business.

His garage contains an exotic collection of cars, from high-performance sports cars to high-end luxury vans. Beckham put in around $319000 for his McLaren MP4-12C Spider, and $492,000 for his Roll Royce Phantom Drop Head.

His collection also has 2010 Bentley Continental GT Super Sports car and a Lamborghini Gallardo, which come under his less expensive investments.

Many Khosbin

If you’re not a YouTube person, you might not recognize this name. In the YouTube community, Manny is known for real estate, with an immaculate taste in cars. From buying luxury cars to having them designed and customized to match his particular taste, Khosbin has done it all.

His special Hermes-designed Bugatti Chiron and Pagani Huyara show his keen interest in and knowledge of cars. He also owns a couple of Mercedes SLR McLarens, Rolls Royce, and McLaren Speedtail, which of course also designed by Hermes, Many Khosbins garage is surely one of a kind.

John Cena

Known for his wrestling as well as acting career, John Cena has earned plenty of wealth throughout his career. He has stayed relevant despite all his years in the industry while being named on the internet. With a net worth of $80 million, his car collection is just what you would expect.

His collection includes Plymouth Roads Runner Superbird, AMC Rebel “The Machine”, and Corvette InCeraRator. GQ reports that John Cena likes to have his cars customized to match his peculiar taste and theme, though unique, his designs are not that well appreciated by the public. His’s custom $900,000 Beetle is of course an exception.

Lil Wayne

One of the most profiled rappers of this decade, Lil Wayne has set his name in the career for 25 years. He is one of the few rappers who is truly invested in car obsession, becoming somewhat of a trendsetter in his community. His garage speaks volumes of that. Owning one of the most high-performance and desired-after cars, his good taste in vehicle choice raises no questions.

His collection includes a Bugatti Veyron ($1.8 million), and Maybach, recently receiving a custom $400,000 McLaren 720S courtesy of his friend. In an interview, Wayne claimed being called “Barack Obama of Bugatti” by one of his dealerships, whether that was added on by Wayne himself or not, we will leave it for you to decide.

Jay Leno

Jay Leno, a well-known comedian, has been adding to his car collection for over 4 decades, which has been showcased in his documentation “Jay Lenos Garage”. In the documentary, he shows his colorful collection of cars while meeting with industry people who share the same interest.

His taste varies from having custom cars built from scratch to owning some vintage pieces. His GM EcoJet, powered by Honeywell LT-101, was built from scratch. Other cars from his collection include McLaren F1, Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, and Porsche Carrera GT. One brand you will find missing in the Lenos collection is Ferrari. This is something Jay Leno has claimed he avoids on purpose, as Ferrari dealers are too much work to deal with.

Gordon Ramsey

Known for his harsh food critics, this master chef has a surprising fondness for cars, something hard to imagine when you have seen him devoted to perfecting chefs from all around the world. His wife Tara bought a Ferrari 550 Maranello as a present for him when he won 3 Michelin stars.

Ramsey’s collections have Ford GT, Porche 918 Spyder, Land Rover Defender, and Ferrari Moza SP2, he also owns a BAC Mono, weighing 1,190 lb., and can sprint from 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds. We can only guess from his wide range of choices that Gorden doesn’t have as many critics about cars as he has with food.

Kanye West

Rapper, designer, and business investor Kanye West has gained his reputation over the internet over a handful of unpredictable moments. He is known for being a little hasty and maybe that’s why his car collection has gotten as big as it is. According to GQ, Kanye owns everything from a Bugatti Veyron designed by Hermes, a Ukrainian monster truck called Sherp, and Mercedes-Mclaren SLR Sterling Moss which he has been spotted driving around at Cannes Film Festival.

One of his most jaw-dropping purchases is the $1.2 million Dartz Phombren Red Diamond Edition, which he owns 2 of. We can expect more wild purchases from the rapper who is self-claimed as the greatest rapper God has ever created.

Jerry Steinfeld

If we are talking about celebrities that don’t hold back when spending on what peeks their interest, Jerry Steinfeld is a top-standing candidate. Not only is his car collection jaw-dropping, but he also has a 1.4-million-dollar garage built to gatekeep it. The garage has 850 square foot space, an elevator, a club room, and a pool table. He also has a management team hired to keep his collection running in top-notch conditions. Talk about commitment!

He sold $22 million worth of cars from his collection in 2016. His taste is very particular and can be seen from the number of Porsches he owns and the lack of Lexus. If you’re interested in taking a deep dive into his collection, we suggest you watch “Comedians in cars getting coffee”, you’re sure to be amazed.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s nine-figure net worth and impressive collection of fine automobiles, speak for the fame earned by all the super bowl rings. His collection started with a car he did not buy but was a gift after he was named Super Bowl MVP, this very first luxury vehicle was the 2004 Cadillac Escalade ESV. His collection has vehicles of all sizes from the finest 2015 Ferrari M458-T to a 2017 Aston Martin DB11, and Bugatti.


When it comes to vehicles, whether you’re crazy about cars or not, we all have dreamed about hitting the jackpot and owning our favorite car. These celebrities do not own one car but a whole hanger worth of investments. When you’re making as much as these celebrities do, car ownership and collections somehow take the shape of car dealerships.

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