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Toyota Extended Car Warranty

Toyota Extended Car Warranty

For the benefit of Toyota USA’s loyal customers and in keeping with its philosophy of consistently placing them first, the company has developed Extended Warranty packages up to five years in length.

In addition to the three years/100,000 KMs (whatever comes first) of built-in warranty, the additional two years of warranty Extension will allow you to drive with total “Peace of Mind.”

Toyota extended car warranty overview

In a breakdown event, you’ll be covered by a Toyota extended warranty, generally known as a Toyota Vehicle Service Agreement (VSA). In addition to Toyota’s factory warranty coverage, an extended warranty plan can extend that protection for consecutive five years or 60,000 miles, depending on the plan’s terms.

Platinum Protection, Gold Protection, and Powertrain Protection are the three extended warranties offered by Toyota. Both new and old cars can be insured at any of the three levels, but the conditions of coverage differ for each.

Toyota extended car warranty cost.

The cost of a Toyota extended car warranty will vary depending on the age, mileage, and model of the vehicle you’re interested in purchasing. According to online user reviews, platinum coverage, the most extensive Toyota extended warranty, costs between $1,500 and $2,500. The lower end of this amount is a great deal in terms of extended warranties, while the upper back is about average for a manufacturer guarantee.

The sooner you buy an extended warranty for your car, the less expensive it will be. New Toyotas are already secured by the manufacturer’s guarantee for the first three years and 36,000 miles when it comes to extended warranties.

What is included in Toyota’s extended warranty coverage list?

Toyota’s extended warranty coverage list includes the following plans:

Platinum coverage

For ten years or 125,000 kilometers, the Platinum Toyota extended warranty covers your vehicle at no additional cost to you. Term lengths are capped at five years/60,000 miles for used Toyotas.

Unlimited towing to a Toyota dealership is included in the package. If your automobile has a mechanical problem, you’ll be paid $50 per day for rental cars. Toyota will pay up to $100 a day for food and housing if you break down more than 150 miles away from home. However, you can only receive up to $500 in total throughout your contract.

Gold Coverage

Toyota’s Gold Protection plan is not as comprehensive as Platinum Protection. It covers the majority of the car and provides far more coverage than the latter’s Powertrain Protection plan. Three years/50,000 mileage to 8 years/125,000 mileages are the range of coverage options available.

If your car breaks more than 150 miles from home, you’ll get reimbursed up to $35 per day (up to five days) for a rental car and $50 for meals and housing (up to four days).

Powertrain coverage

In terms of Toyota’s extended warranty plans, Powertrain Protection is the bare-bones option. It includes the engine, transmission, axles, and other essential parts of the vehicle. A six-year/100,000-mile extended warranty is included in this package.

A towing allowance is included, up to $35 per day (for a maximum of five days) for car rental expenses. Toyota pays up to $50 for meals and lodging if your car is stopped over 150 miles from home (up to four days).

Toyota extended warranty coverage list:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Wheels on either side of the axis Drive
  • Electrical
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Suspension System, both Front and Rear
  • Audio System Pre-installed at the Plant
  • Intangibles that the manufacturer cannot influence

What is not included in Toyota’s extended warranty coverage list?

  • Modifications, alterations, alterations in use, tampering with or disconnecting, incorrect adjustments and repairs, accidents, and the use of insert parts/material will not be covered for repairs and adjustment.
  • There is no cover damage caused by stone chips or scrapes in the paint.
  • Corrosion or surface damage caused by environmental factors such as acid rain, air pollutants (such as chemicals or sap from trees), salt or hail, wind or lightning, or floods are not covered.
  • Repairs and adjustments caused by incorrect maintenance, lack of needed care, or the use of lubricants other than the lubricants listed in your Owner’s Manual are not covered by this warranty.
  • The Owner Is Responsible for All Maintenance
  • Regular maintenance on all vehicles includes engine tune-ups, lube and oil changes, coolant and spark plug replacement, wiper blade replacement, brake, and clutch pad replacement, and wiper blade replacement.
  • Wear, Tear, and Deterioration caused to harsh weather or operating circumstances such as discoloration, fading, distortion, or blurring are not covered by our warranty policy.
  • The odometer mileage on a vehicle that has been tampered with or changed such that the vehicle’s actual mileage cannot be determined is not covered.
  • This policy does not cover damages such as phone calls, lost time, discomfort, or business losses.
  • Roadside assistance and scheduled maintenance are included as part of Toyota Care.

Toyota warranties


  • Roadside assistance
  • No-cost maintenance plan

Every new Toyota comes with a Toyota-Care maintenance plan that covers essential scheduled maintenance for two years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first, regardless of the vehicle’s age or mileage. Toyota-Care offers free 24-hour roadside assistance for the first two years and an unlimited number of miles with your new Toyota. When purchasing a new vehicle, coverage commences at the time of the first usage.

Limited Toyota Hybrid Warranty

It will be ten years or 150,000 miles from the date of the 2020 fiscal year before a factory warranty protects Toyota hybrid batteries. In the event of a claim, your New Vehicle Limited Warranty will apply, and coverage will begin on a specific day that you first use the vehicle.

It’s guaranteed for eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first for the other components of the hybrid system (HV battery control module, hybrid control module, and inverter with converter).

Toyota Extended Vehicle Service Agreement

Toyota Financial Services offers a selection of service options for purchase if you want to go beyond your New Vehicle Limited Warranty. For 10 years or 125,000 miles, you can choose from three different levels of protection: Powertrain, Gold, and Platinum. In addition to 24hr Roadside Assistance and accessibility to Toyota’s nationwide service network, extended vehicle service agreements are available.

Is Toyota Extended Car Warranty Coverage Necessary for You?

Even the most dependable automobiles have their share of breakdowns. A breakdown is more likely the longer you own your vehicle. Those who don’t anticipate mechanical issues may have to fork over a large sum of money for repairs.

For costly repairs, Toyota’s extended warranties might help you avoid them. Moreover, a sense of security should not be underestimated by you. With a Toyota extended warranty, you’ll be covered if something goes wrong with your vehicle.

In addition to mechanical breakdown coverage, all Toyota extended warranty plans include benefits. These are some examples:

  • Benefits of towing and roadside assistance
  • In the event of a breakdown while away from home, you’ll have trip interruption insurance.
  • Reimbursement for a rental car while your car is being repaired

Purchasing a Toyota Extended Service Contract

one can purchase an extended car warranty from a Toyota dealer or an independent service provider. As a result, Toyota’s extended warranties should be acquired through a dealer, whereas other third-party warranties can be purchased online.


Toyota car extended warranty is a vehicle maintenance program that makes it simple for owners to take proper care of their automobiles by supplying them with Toyota authentic parts and qualified technicians at no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1: What makes the Toyota Extended Warranty the best option?

A: In the eyes of Toyota, a service contract is an investment in client satisfaction. We know that satisfied customers are more likely to return to a business. No money is invested in your next new vehicle by independent warranty firms. As a result, the reliability of their service agreement products can be significantly improved, as their ability to honor claims.

Q 2: Please tell me whether or not I may extend my Toyota-Care coverage.

A: Toyota-Care can be prolonged by purchasing Toyota-Care Plus, which increases maintenance coverage for up to four years and 45,000 miles from the original warranty. You only have two years and 25,000 miles of coverage under the original Toyota-Care plan.

Q 3: Why would you want to extend your warranty?

A: Except for those items specified under “What is not covered,” Toyota guarantees that any part it provides that is defective due to material or workmanship will be repaired or replaced at Toyota’s option. Only Transmission Trail Parts and Engines are covered under the Basic Limited Extended Warranty. There is no coverage for a place to rest.

Q 4: Is it possible for a consumer to get Extended Warranty coverage?

A: When a customer has an Extended Warranty, they will be able to claim parts via the online system during the warranty period.

Q 5: Is an Extended Warranty necessary?

A: An essential alternative is to get an Extended Warranty. It’s no surprise that repair prices have skyrocketed due to today’s high-tech vehicles. The Extended Warranty might potentially pay for itself after only one repair. Numerous testimonials and letters from Toyota Extended Warranty purchasers attest to the value of this product.

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