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Why it is Dangerous to Pump Gas while the Car is Running

Why it is Dangerous to Pump Gas while the Car is Running?

Should you leave your car on while pumping gas? Surely, you’ve heard people have doubtful answers to this question. Gas pump stations have warning signs indicating drivers to make sure that their vehicles are turned off before they progress with pumping gas. Some people are often tempted to claim the warning as a myth and ignore the warning signs. However, understanding the importance of needing the car turned off while gas is being pumped into it, needs to be clearly understood and followed by all drivers.

You might be wondering why the saying is so loud when even by doing the opposite, doesn’t lead to damage. The answer is, the cases affected are quite rare, but the impact and damage caused are not worth the ignorance. Pumping gas while the car is still running can lead to a fire. Even though it happens in a rare case, is it worth taking the risk for? Surely no.

Take the Warning Sign Seriously

When you are at a gas station, understating that even though cases happening at gas stations are rare, the ones happening are extreme and not worth taking risks for. As a driver, make it your responsibility to read all warning and guidance signs and take the necessary protection measures. By doing so, you can potentially be avoiding hazardous scenarios and save lives.

To understand the severity of these warnings, understand why they need to be followed. When your engine is operating, it is constantly igniting gas through spark plugs. If the fuel spills out of your tank or the gas pump, think of what can happen by it comes in contact with the explosive gases. An unavoidable explosion.

What Happens if the Engine is Left On?

You are probably wondering what exactly happens that causes the fire to start. If the engine is left running, the chance of gas vapors can erupt when they come in contact with static electricity. A gas pump is the last place one should avoid taking precautions, especially when the consequences include catching fire. It is also recommended that you do not get back into the car while pumping, as your body is filled with static energy as well. Every time you come in contact with your vehicle, static energy is built up in your body. Getting back into the car can ignite the spark when your body comes in contact with the vehicle. The chances of this happening are rare, but not worth being careless for.

Always Ground Yourself Before Fueling

In order to make sure your body is not in the static condition as you leave a running car, make sure that before you start fueling you have grounded your body. This will take you just a few seconds but can prevent life-taking explosions. Touch or grab a nearby metal. This will ground your body and you can safely reach for the gas pump without risking anything. However, make sure that you are not getting back into the vehicle while the fuel is not filled, as your body will again be statically charged the second you get in contact with your vehicle.

Should You Be Leaving Electronic Devices Behind?

Electronic devices can also cause discharge that results in the ignition of gas vapors. We are aware that leaving your phones behind in the car be a hand-itching task, but we promise you, it is worth it. You can go through a few minutes of boredom by leaving your devices behind in the vehicle but will be avoiding any potential life-taking risks.

Stay Safe at The Pump

It is always better to be safe than sorry later. A gas pump trip will only take you a couple of minutes but these minutes will have your life and other lives around you in potential danger at all times. This is something a lot of drivers tend to ignore. Understanding that the gas pump is filled with potential risks and dangers is very important. Your will to follow the warning signs at gas pumps will come from understanding the risks and reasons behind those signs. Make sure that you are taking all precautionary measures and following all the warning signs. Always make sure that you are staying safe and collected at gas pumps.


Turning off vehicles while pumping gas at a gas station is something rarely noticed by us. The reason behind this is car owners tend to ignore the warning signs at gas stations indicating drivers to do so. Maybe it is because of laziness or the rare cases happening at gas stations. Nevertheless, understanding the importance, working, and reasons behind those signs is extremely important. Turned-on vehicles can cause explosions at gas stations as fuel spills out of your tank or the gas pump comes in contact with the explosive gases. It is always better to stay safe than be sorry later. Following these signs should not be ignored for the sake of not your life being at risk, but also for the others around you.

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