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Worth of BMW Extended Car Warranty

Thinking about your BMW’s ending warranty? How will you manage the expensive repairing services? Worry not for American Dream Auto Protect is at your service. A BMW extended car warranty can extend the life of your vehicle and help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars on your car repair. Protection plans from independent vendors are frequently more adaptable and affordable than coverage plans from the dealership when looking for extended coverage for your BMW. That is where we take charge!

Professionals at the American Dream Auto Protect have been protecting drivers on the road for many years. Give your minds some rest, and let us handle your extended warranty issues. Read more to find out how we can assist you in locating the ideal extended warranty for your BWM.

Comparison between BMW Factory Warranty and Extended Warranty

When you buy a BMW from a dealership, you get a factory warranty as well. When that warranty expires, you can purchase an extended warranty. BMW of California provides these, known as BMW Extended Service Contracts but it is better to opt for a third-party vendor to get the same claim at economical rates!

A typical BMW manufacturer’s guarantee expires after 4 years or 50,000 miles. However, these 50,000 miles can be covered in less than 4 years as well depending on the usage of your car. Over time, it is natural that your vehicle will need high more repairing and high maintenance charges. So, how would you cover that cost? Cheer up, for American Dream Auto Protect has covered that aspect for you. What if we tell you that we provide BWM extended CPO warranty plans for up to 7 Years or 75,000 Miles? Yes, you heard us right!

BWM Factory Warranty Coverage

The BMW factory warranty covers a range of things including:

Federal Emission Warranty

BMW covers costs for most emission-related parts for two years or 24,000 miles under a federal emission warranty. Some parts are covered for 8 years or 80,000 miles.

Corrosion Warranty

This coverage includes sheet metal damage caused by rust or corrosion. It has a 12-year warranty and unlimited mileage.

Additional Items

Wheel alignment, balancing, and wiper blade replacement are all covered for the first 2,000 miles.

For the first four years from the vehicle’s first in-service date, BMW of California additionally offers 24/7 roadside assistance at no additional cost. The duration of roadside support is up to six years if you are a BMW Certified owner. Towing, battery jumpstarts, lockout services, fuel deliveries, tire changes, and trip interruption services are all included in BMW roadside support.

Based on the BMW year, model, and series, you can get more information online about your particular warranty.

California Emission Control Warranty

Most emission-related parts are covered for three years or 50,000 miles if your BMW is registered in California or a state that follows the same emission control regulations. Control devices are warranted for 7 years or 70,000 miles. In these states, emissions components on TZEVs (transitional zero-emission vehicles) are protected for 15 years or 150,000 miles.

Bumper–to–Bumper Protection

BMW bumper-to-bumper warranties are valid for four years or 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first. This warranty, also known as comprehensive or exclusionary coverage, covers the majority of mechanical breakdown repairs caused by faulty materials or workmanship. Unlike most manufacturers, BMW includes the powertrain (engine, transmission, drivetrain, seals, gaskets, and related parts) in the same warranty as the vehicle.

Importance of BMW Extended Warranty

Once your original BMW factory warranty expires, an extended warranty takes effect regardless of your supplier. You will be responsible for paying the cost of repairs if you require them after this warranty expires and don’t have an extended warranty.

Moreover, Residents rely on their cars to move about all year round because of the unpredictable weather. Most vehicles that operate their air conditioning for the bulk of the day in the summer can put a serious strain on the engine, leading to overheating or worse. Most cars have problems even just starting up in the cold. When it comes to repairing your BMW, stay away from the trouble and repair costs. Your next insured repair will cost much less if you have an American Dream Auto Protect Plan, and it can also help you achieve the genuine serenity you so richly deserve.

How to Use the BMW Extended Auto Warranty?

  • Call us whenever your BMW experiences a covered issue at (800) 349-3027, or send us an email at
  • Typically, you pay a small deductible for the covered claim, repair, or replacement, and we handle the rest.
  • With your American Dream Auto Protect service plan, you can select any dealer or neighborhood mechanic to fix your BMW.

Looking for an extended auto warranty service provider for your BMW? So what are you waiting for? Call us, email us, or simply, click on get a free quote, and let’s turn your decision into a healthy customer relationship



Do you currently own a BMW?

If you currently own, lease or finance a BMW you can take advantage of  American Dream Auto Protect Warranty.
Some of the Benefits include:

Looking to purchase a BMW?

Are you looking to purchase or have recently purchased a BMW? Take advantage of  American Dream Auto Protect Warranty.
Some of the Benefits include:

Benefits of an Extended Vehicle Protection Plan with American Dream Auto Protect

The American Dream Auto Protect vehicle protection plans differ from car’s Extended Service Contracts in the following ways:

We provide top-notch service and aid drivers like you in preventing costly unexpected auto repairs.

Because we provide the most thorough auto insurance plans in the business, drivers trust American Dream Auto-Protect There are no hassles or delays; simply individualized protection to guarantee you obtain the coverage your car needs.

By reducing the hefty costs associated with unforeseen repairs, American Dream Auto Protect gives you true piece of mind. Unlike other providers, we have a stress-free claims process, so you can get authorized in as short as 48 hours.

Auto Warranty Coverage Is Available On The Following Acura Models:

BMW 228i
BMW 228i Convertible
BMW 228i xDrive
BMW 228i xDrive Convertible
BMW 230i Convertible
BMW 230i Coupe
BMW 230i xDrive Convertible
BMW 230i xDrive Coupe
BMW 320i
BMW 320i xDrive
BMW 328d
BMW 328d xDrive
BMW 328d xDrive Sports Wagon
BMW 328i
BMW 328i xDrive
BMW 328i xDrive Gran Turismo
BMW 328i xDrive Sports Wagon
BMW 330e
BMW 330i
BMW 330i xDrive
BMW 330i xDrive Gran Turismo
BMW 330i xDrive Sports Wagon
BMW 335i xDrive Gran Turismo
BMW 340i
BMW 340i xDrive
BMW 340i xDrive Gran Turismo
BMW 428i Convertible
BMW 428i Coupe
BMW 428i Gran Coupe
BMW 428i xDrive Convertible
BMW 428i xDrive Coupe
BMW 428i xDrive Gran Coupe
BMW 430i Convertible
BMW 430i Coupe
BMW 430i Gran Coupe
BMW 430i xDrive Convertible
BMW 430i xDrive Coupe
BMW 430i xDrive Gran Coupe
BMW 435i Convertible
BMW 435i Coupe
BMW 435i Gran Coupe
BMW 435i xDrive Convertible
BMW 435i xDrive Coupe
BMW 435i xDrive Gran Coupe
BMW 440i Convertible
BMW 440i Coupe
BMW 440i Gran Coupe
BMW 440i xDrive Convertible
BMW 440i xDrive Coupe
BMW 440i xDrive Gran Coupe
BMW 528i
BMW 528i xDrive
BMW 530e
BMW 530e xDrive
BMW 530i
BMW 530i xDrive
BMW 535d
BMW 535d xDrive
BMW 535i
BMW 535i Gran Turismo
BMW 535i xDrive
BMW 535i xDrive Gran Turismo
BMW 540d xDrive
BMW 540i
BMW 540i xDrive
BMW 550i
BMW 550i xDrive
BMW 550i xDrive Gran Turismo
BMW 640i Convertible
BMW 640i Coupe
BMW 640i Gran Coupe
BMW 640i xDrive Convertible
BMW 640i xDrive Coupe
BMW 640i xDrive Gran Coupe
BMW 640i xDrive Gran Turismo
BMW 650i Convertible
BMW 650i Coupe
BMW 650i Gran Coupe
BMW 650i xDrive Convertible
BMW 650i xDrive Coupe
BMW 650i xDrive Gran Coupe
BMW 740e xDrive
BMW 740i
BMW 740i xDrive
BMW 750i
BMW 750i xDrive
BMW ActiveHybrid 5
BMW Alpina B6 Gran Coupe xDrive
BMW Alpina B6 xDrive Gran Coupe
BMW Alpina B7 xDrive
BMW i3 (94Ah)
BMW i3 (94Ah) with Range Extender
BMW i3 BEV (60 Amp-hour battery)
BMW i3 BEV (94 Amp-hour battery)
BMW i3 REX (94 Amp-hour battery)
BMW i3s (94Ah)
BMW i3s (94Ah) with Range Extender
BMW i8
BMW M235i
BMW M235i Convertible
BMW M235i xDrive
BMW M235i xDrive Convertible
BMW M240i Convertible
BMW M240i Coupe
BMW M240i xDrive Convertible
BMW M240i xDrive Coupe
BMW M4 Convertible
BMW M4 Coupe
BMW M4 DTM Champions Edition
BMW M550i xDrive
BMW M6 Convertible
BMW M6 Coupe
BMW M6 Gran Coupe
BMW M760i xDrive
BMW X1 sDrive28i
BMW X1 xDrive28i
BMW X3 M40i
BMW X3 sDrive 28i
BMW X3 sDrive28i
BMW X3 xDrive28d
BMW X3 xDrive28i
BMW X3 xDrive30i
BMW X3 xDrive35i
BMW X4 M40i
BMW X4 xDrive28i
BMW X4 xDrive35i
BMW X5 sDrive35i
BMW X5 xDrive 35d
BMW X5 xDrive35d
BMW X5 xDrive35i
BMW X5 xDrive40e
BMW X5 xDrive50i
BMW X6 sDrive35i
BMW X6 xDrive35i
BMW X6 xDrive50i
BMW Z4 sDrive28i
BMW Z4 sDrive35i
BMW Z4 sDrive35is
BMW 128ci Convertible
BMW 128i
BMW 128i Convertible
BMW 135i
BMW 135i Convertible
BMW 3 Series
BMW 318i
BMW 318i Convertible
BMW 318i/318is
BMW 318i/318iS
BMW 318is
BMW 318is Convertible
BMW 318ti
BMW 323ci
BMW 323i
BMW 323i Convertible
BMW 323i Touring
BMW 323is
BMW 325ci
BMW 325ci Convertible
BMW 325i
BMW 325i Convertible
BMW 325i Sport Wagon
BMW 325i/325is
BMW 325i/325iS
BMW 325ic
BMW 325is
BMW 325ix
BMW 325xi
BMW 325xi Sport Wagon
BMW 328ci
BMW 328ci Convertible
BMW 328ci xDrive
BMW 328cxi
BMW 328i Convertible
BMW 328i Coupe
BMW 328i Coupe xDrive
BMW 328i Sport Wagon
BMW 328i Sport Wagon xDrive
BMW 328i Sports Wagon
BMW 328i xDrive Sport Wagon
BMW 328i/328is
BMW 328ic
BMW 328is
BMW 328xi
BMW 328xi Sport Wagon
BMW 330ci
BMW 330ci Convertible
BMW 330xi
BMW 335ci
BMW 335ci Convertible
BMW 335ci xDrive
BMW 335cxi
BMW 335d
BMW 335i
BMW 335i Convertible
BMW 335i Coupe
BMW 335i Coupe xDrive
BMW 335i xDrive
BMW 335is Convertible
BMW 335is Coupe
BMW 335xi
BMW 5 Series
BMW 525i
BMW 525i Sport Wagon
BMW 525i Touring
BMW 525xi
BMW 528i Sport Wagon
BMW 528i Touring
BMW 528xi
BMW 530i Touring
BMW 530xi
BMW 530xi Sport Wagon
BMW 535i Sport Wagon xDrive
BMW 535xi
BMW 535xi Sport Wagon
BMW 540i Sport Wagon
BMW 540i Touring
BMW 545i
BMW 550 GT
BMW 550i Gran Turismo
BMW 550i xDrive GT
BMW 6 Series
BMW 635csi
BMW 645ci
BMW 645ci Convertible
BMW 650ci
BMW 650ci Convertible
BMW 650i Convertible xDrive
BMW 650i Coupe xDrive
BMW 7 Series
BMW 735i
BMW 735i Luxury
BMW 735il
BMW 740i/740i Sport
BMW 740il
BMW 740il/740il Protection
BMW 740Ld xDrive
BMW 740Li
BMW 740Li xDrive
BMW 745i
BMW 745li
BMW 750 Series
BMW 750il
BMW 750il/750il Protection
BMW 750li
BMW 750Li
BMW 750Li xDrive
BMW 760i
BMW 760li
BMW 760Li
BMW 840ci
BMW 850ci
BMW 850csi
BMW 850i
BMW Active E
BMW ActiveHybrid 3
BMW ActiveHybrid 7
BMW ActiveHybrid 7i
BMW ActiveHybrid 7L
BMW ActiveHybrid 7Li
BMW ActiveHybrid X6
BMW Alpina B7 LWB
BMW Alpina B7 LWB xDrive
BMW Alpina B7 SWB
BMW Alpina B7 SWB xDrive
BMW M Coupe
BMW M Roadster
BMW M1 Coupe
BMW M3 Convertible
BMW M3 Coupe
BMW M3 Sedan
BMW X1 xDrive35i
BMW X3 3.0i
BMW X3 3.0si
BMW X5 3.0si
BMW X5 4.6is
BMW X5 4.8i
BMW X5 4.8is
BMW X5 4.8IS
BMW X5 xDrive30i
BMW X5 xDrive48i
BMW X5 xDriveM
BMW X6 xDriveM
BMW Z3 Coupe
BMW Z3 Roadster
BMW Z4 3.0i
BMW Z4 3.0si
BMW Z4 3.0si Coupe
BMW Z4 Coupe
BMW Z4 M Coupe
BMW Z4 M Roadster
BMW Z4 Roadster
BMW Z4 sDrive30i

Vehicles up to 146k miles are eligible for our Car Warranty Plans.


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