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Volkswagen Extended Warranty

When you purchased your Volkswagen, you did homework and visited the VW dealership prepared with the information required to obtain a vehicle. It should be the same when looking for a Volkswagen extended warranty. You should be fully aware of both the dealership’s and independent warranty providers’ possibilities.

You may choose the best coverage option by working with the vehicle warranty specialists at American Dream Auto Protect to learn what is covered by a VW extended warranty.

Volkswagen Factory Warranty Coverage

A fundamental manufacturer’s warranty is included when you drive your new Volkswagen off the lot. However, during the past few years, the coverage has shifted.

Warranties for Volkswagen in 2018 and 2019

A New Vehicle Limited Warranty, marketed by Volkswagen as The People First Warranty, is offered on the majority of 2018 and 2019 models. This transferable, bumper-to-bumper warranty is valid for six years or 72,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Your engine, batteries, brake shoes and pads, wheel alignment, paint, wiper blades, and mechanical modifications are all only partially covered by this warranty (Volkswagen must supply parts). Maintenance services, tire problems, and various forms of corrosion are excluded, though. Many Volkswagen cars were only for three years or 36,000 miles before 2018.

Volkswagen Warranties for 2020

The 2020 VW guarantee was reduced to four years or 50,000 miles, which is still longer than most manufacturer warranties of six years and 72,000 miles. The manufacturer now offers two maintenance-free years instead of two additional years of warranty coverage.

The 2020 Volkswagen warranties are as follows, in addition to the four-year, 50,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty:

  • Seven years/100,000 miles of limited warranty against corrosion perforation
  • Two years/24,000 miles or eight years/80,000 miles in the case of Federal Emissions Warranties

Is a Volkswagen Extended Warranty Worth It?

How will you pay for repairs once your manufacturing warranty expires? Like most Volkswagen owners, you want to ensure that your car is dependable and durable. Additionally, you desire the assurance that you won’t have to pay for an unanticipated pricey repair.

The lack of company transparency hasn’t increased drivers’ confidence in VW, and it’s been challenging for customers to understand the details of the firm’s warranty programs. Furthermore, RepairPal predicts that most Volkswagens will have a pricey gearbox, power window, and headlight issues.

To make matters worse, a study by Your Mechanic found that over the first ten years of a VW’s existence, owners should budget close to $8,000 for repairs.

Do You Have the Money to Fix Your Volkswagen?

The likelihood that you will need to pay for an expensive repair increases the longer you own your Volkswagen. Think about these affordable fixes and their prices:

  • On an ordinary Volkswagen, replacing the clutch can cost between $573 and $2,239.
  • The price range for replacing the alternator is $577 to $800.
  • An annual Volkswagen vehicle maintenance bill comes to $694.

Remember that VW factory warranties only apply if your vehicle is serviced at a specific authorized Volkswagen dealership and only if the part that needs repair is an authentic VW part. You might not be able to ensure you get the required service if a dealership is not nearby.

A Volkswagen extended warranty will help protect your car and help you avoid costly repairs. Avoid paying for repairs out of pocket by getting an extended warranty.




Do you currently own a Volkswagen?

If you currently own, lease or finance a Volkswagen you can take advantage of  American Dream Auto Protect Warranty.
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Looking to purchase a Volkswagen?

Are you looking to purchase or have recently purchased a Volkswagen? Take advantage of  American Dream Auto Protect Warranty.
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Benefits of an Extended Vehicle Protection Plan with American Dream Auto Protect

The American Dream Auto Protect vehicle protection plans differ from car’s Extended Service Contracts in the following ways:

We provide top-notch service and aid drivers like you in preventing costly unexpected auto repairs.

Because we provide the most thorough auto insurance plans in the business, drivers trust American Dream Auto-Protect There are no hassles or delays; simply individualized protection to guarantee you obtain the coverage your car needs.

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Auto Warranty Coverage Is Available On The Following Volkswagen Models:

Volkswagen Atlas
Volkswagen Atlas 4motion
Volkswagen Beetle
Volkswagen Beetle Convertible
Volkswagen Beetle Dune
Volkswagen Beetle Dune Convertible
Volkswagen CC
Volkswagen CC 4motion
Volkswagen e-Golf
Volkswagen Eos
Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golf Alltrack
Volkswagen Golf R
Volkswagen Golf SportWagen
Volkswagen Golf SportWagen 4motion
Volkswagen GTI
Volkswagen Jetta
Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid
Volkswagen Passat
Volkswagen Tiguan
Volkswagen Tiguan 4motion
Volkswagen Tiguan Limited
Volkswagen Tiguan Limited 4motion
Volkswagen Touareg
Volkswagen Cabrio
Volkswagen Cabriolet
Volkswagen Corrado
Volkswagen Corrado SLC
Volkswagen Eurovan
Volkswagen Eurovan Camper
Volkswagen Fox
Volkswagen Fox GL Wagon
Volkswagen Fox Wagon
Volkswagen Golf III
Volkswagen Golf III / GTI
Volkswagen Golf/GTI
Volkswagen GTI 16v
Volkswagen GTI VR6
Volkswagen GTI/Golf GT
Volkswagen Jetta GLI
Volkswagen Jetta GLI 16v
Volkswagen Jetta GLI/Wolfsburg Edition
Volkswagen Jetta GLX
Volkswagen Jetta III
Volkswagen Jetta III GLX
Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen
Volkswagen Jetta Wagon
Volkswagen New Beetle
Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible
Volkswagen New Golf
Volkswagen New GTI
Volkswagen New Jetta
Volkswagen Passat 4motion
Volkswagen Passat Syncro
Volkswagen Passat Wagon
Volkswagen Passat Wagon 4motion
Volkswagen Passat Wagon Syncro
Volkswagen Phaeton
Volkswagen Quantum
Volkswagen Quantum Syncro Wagon
Volkswagen Quantum Wagon
Volkswagen R32
Volkswagen Rabbit
Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible
Volkswagen Routan
Volkswagen Routan FWD
Volkswagen Scirocco
Volkswagen Scirocco 16v
Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid
Volkswagen Vanagon 2WD
Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro 4WD
Volkswagen Vanagon/Camper 2WD

Vehicles up to 146k miles are eligible for our Car Warranty Plans.


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